Sasha Jackson


Spotlight: 2374-9084-3860

Sasha is a British actor based in London. She spent 13 years in LA, before moving back to the UK in 2020.


Credits range across Film and TV include leading and recurring roles in 'The Royals' (Lionsgate for E! Television, 2017) Shannon in 'Fuller House' (ABC for Netflix, 2016), Kylie in ‘One Tree Hill’ (Warner Bros, 2012), Olivia Winston in 'Jarhead: The Siege' (Universal Films, 2015), Dana in ‘Blue Crush: Wild Coast’ (Universal Pictures, 2011), Sandy in ‘Happy Endings’ (ABC Networks, 2011), April Campbell in ‘Til Death’ (Sony Pictures for FOX Network, 2010) and Cat Carter in 'The Incredible Jane Parker' (I.XXX Films, 2019).


Supporting credits include; Eva Byron in ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigations’ (CBS Paramount, 2013), Nicola Burns in ‘NCI: Los Angeles’ (CBS Paramount, 2013), Hayley Roberts in 'Rich Boy, Rich Girl' (Reelhouse Productions, 2018), Emily in 'The Christmas Cupid' (Lighthouse Picture Productions, 2018), Denise Nichols in 'Journey to the Forbidden Valley' (Wiseacre Films, 2015), ‘Rita Rocks’ (Lifetime Television, 2010) and ‘Out of Water’ (BBC/UK Film Council, 2007). 


Sasha has multiple other credits across the industry, including in several short and independent films. 


She is highly skilled in Mixed Martial arts and has Air Rifle training. She also holds a Green card to the United States. 


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