Sarah John


Spotlight: 5491-3420-2575

Sarah is a Welsh actress and Oxford School of Drama graduate.


Screen credits include; playing Eleri in feature film ‘Bolan’s Shoes’ (Buffalo Dragon, 2021), Dana Plato in ‘Autopsy: The Last Hours of Dana Plato’ (ITV, 2020), series regular Jess in ‘Lemon La Vida Loca’ alongside Keith Lemon (ITV2/Talkback, 2013), ‘Modern Horror Stories’ (Comedy Central, 2019), Sharon in ‘The House on Cielo’ (North Bank Entertainment, 2019), Jennifer Hollister in ‘The Legend of Halloween Jack’ (Independent Moving Pictures, 2018), Cat in ‘Jurassic Predator’ (North Bank Entertainment, 2017) and Clare in ‘Spoken English’ (Aluander Films, 2017).


Theatre credits include; ‘Merry F*cking Christmas Kids’ with The Delta Collective, ‘Seen’ at The Other Room and ‘Islanders’ at The Soho Theatre. Having come from a dance background, Sarah has also worked in physical theatre for the National Theatre of Wales and Frantic Assembly.