Roisin Browne


Spotlight: 7339-6751-2508

Roisin is currently training at The Identity school of Acting. She is an Irish actress who now resides in London. 


Screen credits include; Emila in ‘Flicker’ (Sebastia Rambla-Vidal Film, 2020), Victoria in ‘Another Day in ‘98’ (Timotej Productions, 2020), Alice in ‘Thursday Club’ (Dan Holt Productions, 2020), Georgia in ‘Old Truths’ (Our Times Film, 2020), Fiametta in ‘The Heptameron’ (Raunkiaer Film, 2020), Rachel in ‘Take 3’ (Alex Igbanoi, 2020), Scarlett in ‘Scarlett’ (Boris Halvig, 2019), Beth in ‘Man Hunt’ (Cotsworld, 2019) and Emily in ‘Host’ (Pearl Productions, 2019).


Stage credits include; ‘Answer Phone’, ‘Vermine’ and ‘Cheating’ at The Bunker Theatre.


Roisin is highly skilled in netball, horse-riding, tennis and more.


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