Rick Burn


Spotlight: 3410-0161-4261

Rick is an Irish actor based in London. He trained at the Gaiety School of Acting and Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.


Television credits include; The King in ‘Vikings’ (MGM, 2020), ‘Penny Dreadful’ (Showtime, 2014), ‘Vikings’ (History Channel, 2014), Jack Shouldice in ‘A Terrible Beauty’ (Tile Films, 2013),  ‘Game of Thrones’ (HBO, 2011) and ‘Mattie’ (L Town, 2011).


Film credits include; playing Mike Phillips in ‘Dud Daze’ (SCA Productions, 2019), Tom in ‘The Weight’ (SCA Productions, 2016), Thomas in ‘Achill’ (RGA Productions, 2015), John in ‘Black Box’ (SCA Productions, 2015), Jimmy O’Rourke in ‘Jubilee Nurse’ (Tile Films, 2015) and Jack in ‘DreamHouse’ (Universal Pictures, 2011).