Rebecca Dike


Spotlight: 1616-7865-1171

Rebecca is a London based actress with British, Guyanese and Nigerian heritage. A 2019 graduate of St. Mary’s Drama and Theatre course in Twickenham, her credits include; The Soho Theatre and short films 'Inside Out' (Applecartlive Ltd., 2019), ‘Last Night’ (National Youth Film Academy, 2017) and ‘Brexit’ directed by Rodney Victor Williams.


A highly athletic individual, Rebecca has a background in; Athletics, Fitness, Basketball, Dodgeball, Football, Hockey, Netball, Rounders, Tag Rugby and Tennis. She has won numerous awards and trophies, the most significant was a medal for ‘Exceptional Performance’ at the David Beckham Academy.


Rebecca excels in comedy, improv and public speaking. She is a Caribbean/African freestyle dancer, model and writer.


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