Rebecca Dike


Spotlight: 1616-7865-1171

Rebecca is a London based actress with British, Guyanese and Nigerian heritage. A 2019 graduate of St. Mary’s Drama and Theatre course in Twickenham, her credits include; Sophie in 'Let There Be Love' (Date for My Dad Production Ltd, 2020), The Soho Theatre and short films 'Inside Out' (Applecartlive Ltd., 2019), ‘Last Night’ (National Youth Film Academy, 2017) and ‘Brexit’ directed by Rodney Victor Williams.


A highly athletic individual, Rebecca has a background in; Athletics, Fitness, Basketball, Dodgeball, Football, Hockey, Netball, Rounders, Tag Rugby and Tennis. She has won numerous awards and trophies, the most significant was a medal for ‘Exceptional Performance’ at the David Beckham Academy.


Rebecca excels in comedy, improv and public speaking. She is a Caribbean/African freestyle dancer, model and writer.


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