My Dad's Christmas Date
Rebecca Dike plays Sophie in 'My Dad's Christmas Date' with Jeremy Piven
The Laureate
First look at the teaser for 'The Laureate' with Meriel Hinsching
The Batman
Phil Aizlewood in 'The Batman' with Robert Pattinson
The Crown
Isobel Eadie plays Lady Sarah Spencer in Season 4 of 'The Crown'
The Duchess
The Duchess arrives 11th September with Adam Ayadi, Godiva Marshall and Tizz Raj
British Vogue
Imarn Ayton features in the September 2020 issue of British Vogue
Netflix original series 'Cursed' now streaming, starring Beau Fowler
The Kissing Booth 2
Dylan Edy stars in 'The Kissing Booth 2' opposite Joey King, streaming July 24th
Team AK appears in new Badoo campaign
'Elizabeth is Missing' nominated for Best Single Drama, starring Nabs Aziz
Amed Hashimi
Amed Hashimi plays Yahya in upcoming feature 'Another Day in Baghdad'
The Laureate
Meriel Hinsching signs onto 'The Laureate' alongside Dianna Agron, Laura Haddock and Tom Hughes
Ultimate Pirates
Kieran E. Sims leads 'Ultimate Pirates' commercial
Beau Fowler to star in upcoming Netflix series 'Cursed'
Job Bertrand features in 2020 McDonalds campaign
Anil Desai plays Shaan in upcoming feature film 'Sensation'
Rebecca Dike appears in new Adidas commercial
Jon Campling plays the lead in short film 'Surprise'
Chelsea FC
Isaac Sosanya films new Chelsea FC campaign
Top Golf
Tom Bonington in new Top Golf commercial
The Cure
Jared Morgan features in 'The Cure' on Channel 4
TUI Blue
Mark Davis and Ashlin Harris appear in new TUI Blue campaign
Godiva Marshall
Godiva Marshall plays Nurse Eve in EastEnders, 3rd December
Natasha Patel
Natasha Patel in BBC's 2019 Christmas ident
Helen K Wint features in new Boots Christmas campaign
Friends in Law
Ashlin Harris plays the lead in feature 'Friends in Law' on Amazon Prime
AK girls feature in new VEET campaign
Eric Lim features in new Oculus commercial
Tom Bonington
Tom Bonington plays Cardinal Griffin in 'Maleficent: Mistress of Evil'
Marmite Mind Control
Anil Desai features in the new Marmite Mind Control campaign
Matt Garrill plays Station Officer in EastEnders, 19th September
Blood Wedding
Faaiz Mbelizi opens in first preview of 'Blood Wedding' at The Young Vic, 19th September
Natasha Patel features in the new Olay campaign
Express Delivery
Beau Fowler in 46 time award-winning short 'Express Delivery'
Jacob Stevens EE
Jacob Stevens features in new EE commercial
William Hill
Natasha Patel features in new William Hill campaign
Matt Garrill films on EastEnders
Daddy Issues
Angharad George-Carey's podcast 'Daddy Issues' launches as Sketch, as featured in Vogue
Beau Fowler
Beau Fowler plays John in short film 'The Wick'
'A Slice of Eel Pie'
Anil Desai and Marc McCardie in the Offie nominated play 'A Slice of Eel Pie'
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The Cure

Jared Morgan features in 'The Cure' on Channel 4