Michael E Curran


Spotlight: 9414-1274-2802

Michael, originally from Belfast, made his professional debut in Ireland at The Lyric Theatre in 1971. 


Screen credits include; ‘Nightlens’ (Outward Film London, 2018), ‘Moving On’ (BBC, 2017) ’Till Sunset’ (Filthy Lucre Productions, 2009), ‘The Storage Project’ (Original Standard Picture Production, 2008), ‘Ancient Discoveries’ (Wild Dream Films, 2006), ‘Tricky TV’ (Fundation TV, 2006), ‘The Jigsaw of Life’ (Creative Gold, 2004) and ‘Midsomer Murders’ (Bentley Productions, 2000).


A love of Shakespeare has seen him appear in outdoor productions in Oxford and Cambridge as well as performing at Shakespeare’s Globe in 2009-2010 in productions of 'Anne Boleyn' and 'Henry VIII'.