Max Vaccu


Spotlight: 2050-9051-7796

Max started his acting training at Actor Centre Australia (ACA), he then relocated to Vancouver, Canada and continued his training at Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts (VADA).


Screen credits include; Thien Nguy in ‘Doctors’ (BBC, 2020), Jason Hall in ‘Boysenberry’ (Emily Carrs Projects, 2018), Markus Kang in ‘My Big Bro’ (The film he wrote and directed in 2018), ‘Tim's Near Miss’ (Langara Films, 2017), Max in ‘Soleil’ (2016), Han in ‘If You remember’ (Blue Sanyu Productions, 2014) and 'Broken Queen' (Lauren Day Music, 2014).


Max is also highly-skilled in Kick-Boxing. He moved to China in 2012 and enrolled himself in the Bachelor program of Beijing Sports University, majoring in Sanda, also known as Sanshou.