Kieran E. Sims

Actor - Voice Over

Spotlight: 9976-6729-2981

Kieran graduated from Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in 2011. Since then he has performed across a variety of disciplines including; TV, Film, Voice Over and Theatre. Kieran’s work includes voice over for the feature film ‘Rocketman’ (2019).

A highly experienced Shakespearean actor, Kieran has been involved in excess of 16 Shakespeare plays throughout his career. His extensive theatre credits also include; playing McDuff in ‘Macbeth’ (New London Theatre Company), Orlando in ‘As You Like it’ (The Pantaloons), Claudius in ‘Hamlet’ (Northern Stage USA) , ‘Freedom of Papers’ (RAaW London), ‘Blues Brothers: Live’ (Hartshorn Hook Productions) and ‘Angel City’ (Peculius Theatre Company) at Edinburgh Fringe, which won an Edinburgh Fringe Sell Out Award 2010.

Screen credits include; 'Conspiracy: Murder at the Vatican?' (Channel 5, 2015) and 'Raiders of the Lost Art' (3DD Productions, 2014), playing Martin in the short film ‘King Park’ (2019), Leofric in web series ‘616’ (2017), 'Conspiracy: Murder at the Vatican?' (Channel 5, 2015), 'Raiders of the Lost Art' (3DD Productions, 2014) and Liam in ‘Hearts & Minds’, short films ‘Infinity’ (RAaW London), ‘The Private’ and ‘Shell Shocked’ (Flying High Film).

Kieran has 5 years military training in the Army Cadets and reached the rank of Cadet Regimental Sergeant Major. His training extends to combat, military tactics, drills and a weapon handling instructor. Kieran also has several high level BASSC and RADC accredited awards for stage combat.

Kieran is also a proficient jazz/blues pianist and singer. Alongside this, he also plays the harmonica and bass and rhythm guitar.