Emma Lo


Spotlight: 4930-9084-2455

Emma is a London born actress of Chinese descent. Emma originally trained in Musical Theatre before focusing on acting, training at Identity School Of Acting. 


Emma made her West End debut in ‘Sky One’s Hairspray The School Musical’ (2009).


Screen credits include; ‘All Those Things’ (George Ravenscroft, 2019); playing May in 'Seduction' (Bowen Li, 2019); Lucy in 'One Last Lesson' (Manix Productions, 2019); Amber in ‘A Different League’ (2017); Taylor in ‘Two’s a Company’ (Nick Blair Productions, 2015) and Katy in ‘Funhouse’ (Unholy Chaos Productions, 2014). 


Stage credits include; Sky One’s ‘Hairspray: The School Musical’ at the Lyric Theatre and Vhlad Vhladikoff in ‘Seussical: The Musical’ at The Swan Theatre.


Emma can also be seen in Dusky Grey’s music video ‘Joy Ride’ (2018).


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