Kait Feeney

Hailing from Galway Ireland, Kait has completed training at numerous institutions including the University of London (St. Mary's): and Penn State / Tisch School of Arts.


Screen credits include, ‘Jack’ (Groucho Arts/Mighty Jack, 2021), ‘Never Trust a Person Who Talks Too Much’ (Still Dreaming Films, 2020), ‘The Knitting Ring (Loopline Films/Irish Repertory Theatre Company UK, 2019), short films “Sod off Jean’ (Vagabond, 2021) and ‘ Going Postal’ (DCTC, 2021).


Stage credits include ‘Ending Howard’ (Directors' Cut Theatre/Southwark Playhouse, 2020), ‘Life Ends’ (Directors' Cut Theatre/Southwark Playhouse, 2020), ‘It’s Up To You’ (Directors' Cut Theatre/Southwark Playhouse, 2020), and ‘Words Are Pointless’ (Actors Awareness, 2019)

She has also appeared in commercials for Home Caring, Mangar Bathing Cushion, and LLlyods Bank.


Káit will be appearing at Southwark Playhouse in September as part of Directors' Cut Theatre's show, Art From The Heart and she recently recorded her stage performance of Ending Howard a podcast.