Bitu Thomas


Spotlight: 7010-0195-1549

Before training at Asian Academy of Film and Television, Bitu worked as a Financial Sales Consultant in Investment Banking. 


Screen credits include; Sini in 'I Am Home!' (Shumbu Productions, 2020), Anjali in 'Locked Down Rose' (Untouchable Triplets Productions, 2020), Aditi in 'London Namastey' (FilmArt Ltd/Toucan Jungle Productions, 2020), 'Swapnarajyam' (Ranji Vijayan, 2019) and '10 past 11' (Taxidummy Productions, 2019).


Theatre credits include 'Kanth' at the Lan Franc Theatre.


Bitu is also classically trained in Bharatnatyam and contemporary dance.