Beau Fowler

Actor - Writer - Director

Spotlight: 5413-6725-2162

Beau has most recently played Pigtails in Season 2 of 'Code 404' (Kudos Film and Television, 2021). Film and TV credits include 'Cursed' (Netflix, 2020), feature film ‘The Complex’ (2019) alongside Michelle Mylett and Kate Dickie, playing Jason in ‘Men in Black 4’ (2019) with Chris Hemsworth, Vern in feature film ‘Avengement’ (2019) alongside Scott Adkins and the short period drama ‘The Wick’ with a multi award-winning team and edited by Oscar nominated Kant Pan.


He played the lead in the 46 time award-winning short film ‘Express Delivery’, where he won 6 Best Actor Awards, plus Best Ensemble, Best Male Action Performer of the Year and the Albert Pyun Inspiration Award for short film. This is now being developed into a feature. Additionally, Beau can be seen playing Carter in David Newton’s Action Thriller ‘Amber’ co-produced by Raindance.


Beau is known for his attention to detail during preparation in order to access the psychology of his characters, often calling him to play troubled and dark roles. He predominantly draws inspiration from Michael Chekhov’s teachings, as well as utilizing a variety of techniques from other methods to enhance his character’s development.


With a background in Chinese and Japanese martial arts, Beau possesses advanced fighting skills and intricate martial knowledge that allows him to portray characters that are physically demanding. This includes wielding a variety of weapons. He has demonstrated this in several films and series such as the unpredictable New Yorker Swifty in ‘Express Delivery’, the cocky Delinquent in Chee Keong Cheung’s award-winning ‘Underground’ and Mike the agile thief in the TV series ‘Crime Fails’. Additionally, these Skills have led him to fight choreograph various award winning projects, most notably Action Directing the hard-hitting sci-fi ‘Narcopolis’ starring Elliot Cowan and BAFTA winner Jonathan Pryce.

Beau comes from a family of actors, writers and photographers. His childhood consisted of writing, performing, and shooting shorts from the hip with his Hi-8 camera. Beau is also a multi-award winning writer and director.