Aurora Fearnley

Aurora is a London based Actor and Voice Over Artist from Stockport, Manchester. She trained at The Oxford School of Drama and has been an actor and playwright from a young age. Her break-out role came playing methamphetamine addict Rebecca with the festival feature ‘Confession’ (Five Frames Left, 2010).


Screen credits include; playing Greta Batchley alongside Seyan Sarvan and Jamie Robson in mystery ‘Spin State’ (React Films, 2021), ‘Damilola, Our Loved Boy’ (BBC, 2016) and the lead in short film ‘Womanhood’ (Broken Word Productions, 2018).


Aurora enjoys collaborating with fresh voices on short films and has worked with British rising-talents Michael Patrick Clarkson and Rob McLellan on his VR narrative game ‘Syrens’ (Hammerhead VR, 2016).


Aurora has recently directed two episodes of 'The Break' Season 5 for BBC3, BBC Writersroom and BBC Studio Drama.